Why we use psychometric assessment

Our purpose or mission is to help to reduce the uncertainty in your recruitment and selection processes. To help you make better hiring decisions that reduce staff turnover and boost employee engagement.
Not only does the application of Psychometrics lead to better hires, psychometrics will also lead to:

• Improved time to hire, either catch up with your competitors, or get ahead of them with the classic “Early Bird Catches the Worm” approach. Our typical improvements can lead to a 50% reduction in the length of time it takes to hire better people.

• Getting the right person in the right job, first time around is one of the key actions a business can take to reduce employee turnover in key roles. We have seen reductions in churn rates from 30-60% in as little as 12-36 months.

• It may sound strange, but by adding a new layer of cost to your hiring processes, you can actually reduce your recruitment and selection costs by as much as 25% or more.
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