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At Sagitas, we have over 50 years experience, between us, in the Irish Recruitment, Selection and Development environment. We are in the business of resolving the issues our clients may experience in building a competent and confident team. We’ve been around since 1986.
We operate according to three basic and well founded principles we have learned, tried and tested over the years:

“People are not your greatest asset, but the Right People are your Greatest Asset. The wrong people are usually what is holding back your business.” We will show you how to define the right person for the job, so your hiring team know exactly what they are looking for from the beginning.

“You cannot run an above average business with average or below average people. In other words, if the best ain’t good enough, don’t hire the best. Go back to the drawing board.” We know that most businesses operate well below their true potential. Too often they are content to lower their standards by hiring the “best of a bad lot”, just to avoid having to go through the trauma of the hiring process again. We aim to show you how to get it right, first time.

“Every hire you make is based on a “gut-feel”. A poor gut-feel is right about 50% of the time. An educated gut-feel decision can be right 70-80% of the time. That can give you a serious competitive edge. Our business is about showing you how to educate your gut-feel about people and how to on-board, develop and hard won talent.

We are looking to partner with growing businesses from the Micro to the top end of the Medium in the SME Sector. If you are enthusiastic about your business, so are we. Give James a call on 086 380 0739.

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