Our psychometric Toolkit

As you will see from the list below, we provide a broad range of tests and assessments to help you gain a more precise insight into your job candidates or into the development needs of existing employees. These tools span the organisation’s requirements from frontline roles through to the most senior levels.

• 360˚ Feedback for Leadership Development and Team Roles
• Abstract Reasoning
• Behavioural Assessment and Competency measures
• Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI/EC)
• Safety Assessments
• Customer Service Skills Assessments
• Business Reasoning Assessments
• Innovation Testing and Assessment
• Integrity Assessments
• Mechanical and Technical Reasoning
• Microsoft Skills Assessments
• Numerical and Verbal Reasoning as combined or stand-alone measures
• Sales Assessments
• Scenario-Based Assessments

Our tools have proven to be highly effective across organisations of all sizes from Start-up to Multinational.

Our suppliers provide tests and assessments from such publishers as:

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